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    Our past cannot be changed, but our future is there for the making, so join me in a journey that is once in a life-time.   The journey into oneself is a wonderful opportunity that personal counselling can provide like no other therapy.  It can take you on a voyage of discovery and on into a future filled with hope and rewards.  So if you want to make positive changes in your life, do consider personal counselling.
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Dove House Counselling Retreat in Ireland

Dove House Counselling Retreat provides a discreet and confidential counselling service for individuals, couples, groups and organisations.  Located in the north-west of Ireland a warm welcome awaits all who find their way to this safe and therapeutic haven from where change becomes possible.

Situated  just one mile from the sea and close to the coastal village of Killala, Dove House Counselling Retreat aims to offer a tranquil space free  from the fast pace of modern living.  It is not linked to any religious organisation or group and opens its door to people from all or no religious backgrounds.


Our Ethos:

We offer a range of supportive personal counselling options  as well as relationship counselling intensive days designed to help a couple move the relationship forward in some form.   Dove House Counselling Retreat offers a special transitional space where healing and/or change  can take place on many levels.

The main focus of Dove House Retreat is to enable you to:

Develop your knowledge and self understanding,
Open your mind to new possibilities,
Validate who and what you are and
Experience positive living.

Dove House offers:


*Personal Counselling & Psychotherapy

*Relationship Counselling

*Online Counselling Support

                          *Positive Mental Health & Emotional Resilience Training

                          *Therapeutic Art / Mindful Art

                          *Nutritional Therapy

                          *Life Coaching